General Stewardship

Saint Ambrose of Woodbury is a vibrant Catholic community that that actively serves and ministers to nearly 12,000 members.  As is true with any family, we rely on each member of our family of faith to do their best to support the efforts and ministries of Saint Ambrose of Woodbury.  It is also not easy to be the generation to build a parish.  As a new parish, our financial responsibilities are increased by construction costs. 

The Saint Ambrose of Woodbury campus and buildings were designed to meet the needs of all the Saint Ambrose of Woodbury programs and ministries.  As such, programs and ministries share the facilities.  School tuition and fees support the day to day operations of the school program, including teacher salaries and benefits, school program expenses and a portion of the building maintenance.  School tuition and fees do not cover any of the construction cost or ongoing debt requirements related to construction.

Our parish leadership takes the responsibility of being good stewards of the financial gifts to the parish very seriously.  The provides details of our income and expenditures for the past fiscal year.

Staff Contact

Do you have a question about Stewardship at Saint Ambrose of Woodbury? For more information please email the parish business administrator: Greg Hereford or give him a call at 651-768-3010.