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Campaign Update - $1,633,330 in Pledges Received
Thanks to the donations from last weekend’s campaign Commitment Weekend, 653 families have now pledged $1,633,330 to help reduce our parish debt.

Question: I’m not in a position to make a three-year pledge.
Can I still participate?
Answer: Yes
If a three-year pledge is not possible, an end of the year gift is a wonderful way to participate in the campaign. Every gift in every amount counts. Saint Ambrose is striving to have 2,000 households participate with a gift. Prayerfully consider how God has blessed you this year, and how you can return a portion of those blessings back.

Question: Why aren’t new parishioners donating to the campaign?
Answer: THEY ARE
68% of families who’ve made a gift to Legacy of Faith are new donors who did not participate in the first parish
campaign. 40% are families who joined in the last 10 years.

Question: How Much Money Does the Archdiocese get from Legacy of Faith?
Answer: Nothing
100% of your donation stays at Saint Ambrose to help us reduce our debt.

Question – Why do I have to notify the parish of my pledge?
Answer – To help us plan for the future
With our current debt of $8.5 million, it is important for us to show the banks a concrete plan. Legacy of Faith shows our commitment to reducing our debt and allows us to better negotiate lower rates with our lenders.


campaign information

$2 Million Celebration Goal
Reaching this goal will ensure that the parish can continue to make required debt payments for the next 3 years.

$3 Million Challenge Goal
Reaching this goal allows us to make more substantial progress in reducing our debt and in the long term takes about 2 years off the time needed to be debt free.

$8.6 Million Victory Goal
Reaching this goal would allow the parish to completely retire all debt at the end of the three year campaign period.


Staff Contact

Do you have a question about the Legacy of Faith Campaign? For more information please email the parish business administrator:Greg Hereford or give him a call at 651-768-3010.